Angel Cards By : Drake & Tyler. What are the purpose of these cards? What are they used for ?

angel cards

Angel Cards By : Drake & Tyler. What are the purpose of these cards? What are they used for ?

Answer by Zek
Yo mama

Answer by broodge
They are a way to access your unconscious, just like tarot cards or a crystal ball.

Answer by Brittany_the_hottie
they are totally fake don’t pay money for them they don’t work

angel cards

How does the Victoria’s Secret Angel Card work? IF I pay in full do I get charge a % still every month?

Tell me everything you know about the VS angel card i’m thinking about getting one to build my credit. I am very good with handling my money so getting a credit card won’t be a problem for me. need to build my credit! thanks.

Answer by gottalovecherries
If you pay your balance in full BEFORE you get your bill, then you won’t get charged your fee. So if you purchase something, then pay it off in store or online before they send your paper bill, no interest.

Interest if VERY high like all credit cards from stores, a little over 22%. The rewards are pretty good. For every 250 dollars you spend, you get a $ 10 gift reward. Plus you get special coupons, birthday incentives, and you get to shop the semi annual sale before others.

It is fairly simple to get one, and your limit is usually pretty high. I opened one and automatically had a $ 2000 limit. The only thing that I don’t know about is if they would give you one since is would be your first. To sign up you need a credit card (or a debit card that can be used as credit.) I have seen some first time credit customers get approved, and some that have been declined. If you don’t have a credit card, they check your checking balance, and if you have a certain amount in there, then you get approved. But the amount you need varies with the state you reside in.

If the only reason you are getting this credit card is to build credit, I wouldn’t do it. The card is backed by a bank and not Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover. You would probably be better off starting with a ‘real credit card’ than one from a store.

But if you really want one go for it. If you don’t get approved though, try getting a card through your bank, or a student credit card. They usually have lower interest rates, and they will be from a major credit card company (visa, mastercard, etc.)

angel cards

How do I cancel my VS Angel card?

Can someone tell me how to cancel my Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card? I have no idea how to do it, and I really don’t want this thing anymore. It’s a ripoff.
Also, I still owe money on the card, which I will obviously still have to pay off. I need this thing cancelled! I keep getting chargerd interest & it’s getting ridiculous.

Answer by Roger
Cut the card in half and mail it back to the issuing company, but you need to settle your outstanding bill promptly.

Answer by GALO
call them up or just rip it to shreads

Answer by bdancer222
Pay off the balance. Then send a letter to the correspondence address on your statement. Request that the account be closed and that they send you written confirmation that the account is closed and 0 balance. Keep that confirmation in your “forever” financial file.


  1. knitting bear says

    Actually, all you need to do is call the World Financial Network National Bank (number is on the back of the card) & talk to one of their customer service reps. I used to work there. Closing an account is as hard as saying you want the account closed. They will ask why & offer you incentives to keep it open but just insist you don’t want it.

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