How do Victoria’s Secret Angels Cards work? ?

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How do Victoria’s Secret Angels Cards work? ?

I’ve never had a credit card before and I only got it because they said I could just pay it off in cash at the register instead of getting billed. That way I still get the rewards. But on my temporary card she wrote $ 300…what does that mean?? Im kinda freaking out :/

Answer by anywhoo
The $ 300 that she wrote on your temporary card is the credit limit. When you get the regular card in the mail then the letter it will be attached to will inform you that your credit limit is $ 300, or if you qualify then the credit limit may be higher than what the temporary card shows.

Answer by stlouiscurt
As said, 300 is the temporary credit limit. Meaning you could charge up to 300 dollars (don’t do that though). That said, if you didn’t understand the terms of what you were signing up for why didn’t you ask the questions then and there?

angel cards

How can I find my Angel Card number if I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet?

i’m placing an order today and i was wondering if i can find the card number online?

Answer by MadMan
No. You have to wait.

Answer by ptrckcharger
If you signed up for the card in store it might be on your receipt. If you applied online you will have to wait.

Answer by Use Your Noodle
Call VS and place the order.

angel cards

Can someone explain to me how the Victoria’s Secret Angel Card works?

And tell me about credit cards…?

Answer by Rei Toei
With a credit card, the card company lends you the money to buy things. When you buy something from VS, you use the card instead of paying with cash. The card company pays the store, and then you get a bill from the card company once a month. You can pay them some of the money you borrowed or all of it. If you don’t pay them back all the money when you get the bill, you owe them extra money (interest) when the next month’s bill comes. Usually the interest on those cards is about 24%, so if you borrowed $ 100 for VS clothes, and took a year to pay them back, you would owe $ 124 instead of just the $ 100 you borrowed. They will give you a limit on how much you can borrow. If you always pay them back on time, they will give you a bigger limit and let you borrow more. If you don’t pay on time, they will report you to credit agencies, and other companies will learn about you and not want to give you their credit cards or lend you money for a car or a house or anything else.

With an Angel card, you also get rewards. So when you buy stuff from VS, you will sometimes get things int he mail giving you extra money to spend in the store, or with special discounts. The more you use the card, the more rewards you get.

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